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Do You Need a Corporate Executor?

Wealth Planning

Selecting family members to manage your estate could possibly do your loved ones more harm than good.The duties of an executor can be complex, time consuming, and potentially risky for an individual.A corporate executor can provide a level of expertise that will make the estate settlement a smooth process for all concerned.Beneficiaries will be assured that your corporate executor will act fairly and impartially when confronted by other family members and others seeking special treatment.


What is a Trust?

Wealth Planning

A trust can be a beneficial part of your estate plan for transferring assets and minimizing taxes.Many people ask: What is a trust? A trust is a flexible and advantageous way for a person to leave his or her assets to future generations and simultaneously reap certain present benefits.The specific type of trust you may wish to use will depend on a host of specific circumstances.Types include living trusts and testamentary trusts, and revocable and irrevocable trusts.


Mutual Fund Basics

Investment Management

Get a quick lesson on what a mutual fund is and how it works.A mutual fund is a pool of money from several shareholders and is managed by an investment professional.Some of the benefits of investing in mutual funds are professional investment management and diversification.Be sure to read the mutual fund’s prospectus to understand its fees and expenses and other important information about the fund.


Becoming a Philanthropist: It’s More than Just Writing Checks

Wealth Planning

There are many factors to consider when becoming a philanthropist or starting a charity.   Establishing a new charity requires many important considerations.Adopting a strategic vision for the charity brings discipline and focus to philanthropy.Prudent investing and fundraising are key to a charity’s growth potential.Just as an individual goes through life cycles, so does a charity.