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Debunking Myths Around Collective Investment Trusts

Collective Investment Trusts
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Download White Paper Four misconceptions in the retirement community around Collective investment trusts (CITs):Myth #1: CITs lack transparency and periodic reporting. Participants want a ticker, so CITs aren’t suitable for DC plans.Reality: Today, as more advisors see the potential benefits of implementing CITs, this misconception is being debunked. Most fund managers create quarterly fact sheets for their CITs and provide a data feed to aggregators, such as Morningstar.


How Can Advisors Assist Plan Sponsors with the Selection of CITs?

Collective Investment Trusts
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Download White Paper The role of an advisor or consultant when working with clients is to help in selecting and monitoring collective investment trusts (CITs). Since this arena is still an emerging environment, not all asset managers have access to CITs. By working with plan sponsors, advisors can add value by detailing the benefits of CITs for all investment options, which includes the cost structure differences between CITs and mutual funds.


Prepare for a New Era of Cyber Crime Across Industries

Collective Investment Trusts

As working from home becomes the new normal, organizations need strong cybersecurity measures to avoid becoming victims of costly cyberattacks. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, a wide variety of workforces transitioned to a remote environment. This move to working from home has changed the way employees interact with technology—and raised organizational cybersecurity risk.Hackers have already adapted their attacks to exploit people’s concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.


Can Your Portfolio, Balance Sheet, and Wealth Plan Pass the Test?

Wealth Planning

Stress testing is more important than ever as we enter another season of uncertainty.By stress testing your current portfolio you can see how it would likely have fared under different market shocks or stress scenarios and you can determine whether asset allocation shifts or goal adjustments need to be made.Stress testing balance sheets is equally important and can reveal liquidity gaps and cash flow continuity risks should a significant unexpected event take place.


Webinar: Fraud & Cyber Threats to Business in a Remote Environment

Corporate & Institutional

COVID-19 has greatly impacted the way we work, with most companies having to quickly switch to employees working remotely. This rapidly changing environment has required businesses to modify day-to-day operations and procedures like making payments.  M&T Bank’s Frank Lago, Leigh Balcom and Kristen Karkau sit down to discuss threats that may impact businesses operating in a remote environment.