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Insights on U.S.–China Trade and Tariffs

Wilmington Trust |
Wilmington Wire

May 17, 2019 — Wilmington Trust’s investment committee has been monitoring the U.S.-China trade war, and in response to recent developments, has made portfolio adjustments to optimize for risk. Members from our leadership team shared their insights during an informative call and have been in the news explaining what this means for the market and how investors can protect portfolios.Missed the call? Listen to the replay.


Municipal Fixed Income Quarterly Market Commentary 4Q 2018

Investment Management

In the 4Q 2018 issue of our quarterly publication, we:Provide a round-up of yields across the muni spectrum and an overview of yield curves, performance, and fund flows.Offer our outlook for 1Q19, framing it in terms of our core narrative.Explore the Affordable Care Act’s likely return trip to the U.S. Supreme Court and how it could impact credit risks within the health care sector.


A Strategic Approach to Buying a Yacht

Wealth Planning
Yacht Article NC.jpg

Customized financing and tax and ownership advice can help amplify the benefits of your purchase. When it comes to purchasing a luxury marine craft such as a yacht, it’s important to ensure that you understand all the implications that come with it before you dive in.Considerations such as ownership structure, taxes, insurance, and where to register your yacht are equally important.