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Clayton "Cam" Albright III

Head of Investment Strategy

As a senior member of Wilmington Trust’s Investment Committee, Cam is responsible for overseeing the development and communication of our investment story for clients and staff. The Investment Committee is responsible for determining strategic and tactical asset allocation, approving non-affiliated investment managers, and developing innovative investment solutions to help clients support sustainable spending and preserve wealth. Cam is also a member of the Investment Research Team.

Cam joined Wilmington Trust in 1976 as a corporate analyst and joined the fixed income team as a portfolio manager in 1987. During his tenure with the firm, Cam served as Managing Director of Fixed Income Management, as Director of Economic Research, and as Head of Asset Allocation. He served on a team that developed the analytical framework used in our duration, yield curve, and sector analyses and has led most of our taxable fixed income research. While responsible for the asset allocation, Cam helped to develop the “Stock vs. Bond” model used to help direct our asset allocation decisions.

Cam holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Cornell University. In addition, Cam serves on the investment committee of the Tatnall School.

By the Author

The Face of Tax Reform

Clayton "Cam" Albright III |
Wilmington Wire

January 27, 2017— In the weeks leading up to President Trump’s inauguration—and throughout his campaign as well—the subject of “tax reform” has been raised quite often. But what exactly does this term mean? Some concepts such as rate reduction, repatriation, and more rapid capital expense write-offs have been used but these only scratch the surface.