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Eileen Hughes

Head of Capital Markets Structured Finance - UK

Eileen is head of structured finance in the UK, part of the Global Capital Markets team. Her role is to build on the core strengths within our structured finance group and to align the services and offerings in the UK and Europe to our US team and increase our role as a global service provider.

Prior to joining Wilmington Trust, Eileen was director of structured products transaction manager at Deutsche Bank. Eileen has nearly three decades of corporate trust experience. In her former role, Eileen was responsible for review and negotiation of all classes of structured products such as ABS, ABCP, MBS, and CDOs.

Eileen holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Hofstra University, along with a designation of Certified Corporate Trust Specialist, and is a member of the Structured Finance Industry Group.

By the Author

Auto ABS in Europe and the Outlook in a Changing Market

Eileen Hughes |
Corporate & Institutional

With recent macroeconomic and geopolitical events, including Brexit, new questions have cropped up and market participants have been on the lookout for clues as to how the industry moves forward from here.

Brexit has caused uncertainty in many markets, and because auto ABS paper has a relatively short maturity, the effects of Brexit remain to be seen.
Negative interest rates in Europe have attracted more investors into the European auto ABS market.