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Evan Kurinsky

Research Analyst

Evan is a research analyst in the investment strategy and economics group at Wilmington Trust. His responsibilities include developing market research and communicating the team’s market outlook and positioning to clients and prospective clients. He joined Wilmington Trust in 2019.

Evan holds an MBA from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of Maryland. While at Georgetown, Evan served as president of the Graduate Investment Fund, a 100% student-led endowment fund and worked on the investment team for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C.

By the Author

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies—Investment or SPACulation?

and Jessica Blitz |
Wilmington Wire

March 8, 2021— Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have been around for decades but gained wide recognition in 2020 as an increasingly popular, alternative method of going public following a surge in initial public offering (IPO) and merger activity. In 2020, 248 new SPACs came to market, encompassing 53% of all IPOs for the year, and raised a cumulative $83 billion—more than five times 2019’s volume (Figure 1).


Taking Stock of Retail Euphoria

Evan Kurinsky |
Wilmington Wire
Алексей Белозерский

February 5, 2021—Recent headlines have fixated on a ballooning mass of retail investors contributing to turbulent swings in select corners of the equity market. Most recently these have been in shares of Gamestop, AMC and others, which saw euphoric, triple-digit gains over a matter of days before eventually crashing down to earth.


Oil Market Collapse

Meghan Shue and Evan Kurinsky |
Wilmington Wire
Stock graph investment concept with offshore rig and oil refinery plant. Double exposure.

April 21, 2020—Financial markets remain in turmoil, but the focus has shifted from the equity market to the oil market. This week, oil prices fell into negative territory, a phenomenon that would seem to make about as much intuitive sense as negative interest rates. Here we discuss what is happening and offer some perspective on the path forward for energy prices.What happened?On Monday, April 20, the May contract for West Texas Intermediate crude, the U.S.