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Jerry Inglet, Ed.D

Family Legacy Advisor

As part of the Wilmington Trust Emerald Family Office & Advisory team, Jerry creates and facilitates customized family workshops for family members seeking engagement and preparation for the present and future roles within their families. These workshops are designed to assist families with communication, personal legacy planning, wealth transition, and financial education. Families exit this experience with a vision for what is possible for their family, including but not limited to a list of common values, a deeper understanding of one another, and most importantly a path forward for what they hope to achieve together.
Additionally, Jerry provides research-based information for Wilmington Trust’s clients on the many financial and non-financial choices and paths available during the education selection process. The educational roadmaps provided by Jerry to parents, grandparents, and students help to establish a sound educational foundation for young adults as they transition from scholarly students to productive members of the world of work and citizenry.

Jerry has more than 18 years of banking and finance experience. He also served as a director at a small private college in Buffalo for six years, where he was responsible for accreditation, enrollment management, event management, institutional advancement, marketing, and curriculum development. In addition, Jerry continues to maintain a strong pulse on high school and college students through over 16 years as both a high school and college football official and various posts as an adjunct college professor.

Jerry holds an Ed.D in educational leadership and administration from D’Youville College; two master’s degrees from SUNY Buffalo in urban policy and school counselling; and a bachelor’s degree as a University Scholar from Xavier University.

By the Author

Strategies for Funding Higher Education

Jerry Inglet, Ed.D |
Wealth Planning
Female college senior speaking at commencement

Like any financial goal, planning in advance for the cost of higher education is key. Families need to feel confident their student is getting the right academic experience at the right cost.The appropriate funding strategy can differ widely depending on both student academics, family finances, donor priorities, and unforeseen possibilities.Parents and grandparents alike have many options to assess when determining how to pay for college and higher education.


Planning for Higher Education in Divorce

Jerry Inglet, Ed.D |
Wealth Planning
Agreement prepared by lawyer signing decree of divorce (dissolution or cancellation) of marriage, husband and wife during divorce process with male lawyer or counselor and signing of divorce contract.

Don’t let college planning become an afterthought during the difficult time of divorce.Divorce is an emotionally charged life event that may cause many to leave higher education planning as an afterthought. High-net-worth families are not immune from the challenges of funding college and completing financial aid forms properly.