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Samantha Sedar

Research Analyst – Sustainable Investing

Samantha is responsible for conducting general sustainability and ESG research as well as executing on the overall strategy of the team. She works with teams across Wilmington Trust and M&T Bank supporting the investment and research process, focusing on sustainability-focused products and services.

Prior to joining Wilmington Trust in 2021, Samantha worked in wealth management at First Republic Private Wealth in San Francisco, where she created an ESG committee and formalized her team’s ESG integration and screening process for socially conscious prospects and clients.

Samantha holds bachelor’s degrees in global economics and psychology from the University of California – Santa Cruz.

By the Author

The Value of Diversity and Inclusion

Steve Norcini and Samantha Sedar |
Wilmington Wire

June 9, 2021—M&T/Wilmington Trust has a proud history of valuing diversity and being active supporters of the LGBTQ community. However, sustainable investing is distinct from our organization’s philanthropic efforts as we are not looking to give up returns in exchange for supporting causes that align with our values. Rather, we see diversity (in all its forms) as a material financial factor for analysis.