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Tony Roth

Chief Investment Officer

Tony Roth is Chief Investment Officer for Wilmington Trust Investment Advisors, Inc, the investment advisory arm of M&T Bank Corporation. Tony plays a key role in developing and delivering investment services for our wealth, institutional, and brokerage clients. He provides strategic direction for the firm’s asset management investment activities including asset allocation, manager research, and portfolio construction. Tony leads the firm’s Investment Committee.

Tony joined Wilmington Trust in 2014 with extensive experience in wealth management and investment advisory. Prior to joining Wilmington Trust, Tony was Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Aquitaine Management in New York. Before that, he worked for UBS Wealth Management Americas as CIO, where he founded the Ultra High-Net-Worth Chief Investment Office. Earlier in his career, he was founder and co-head of the Advisory Services Division at Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc., served as director of the Family Wealth Group at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., and was a tax attorney at Cleary Gottlieb in New York.

Tony earned his law degree from Harvard Law School. He holds master’s degrees in French and international tax law from Université Panthéon Sorbonne, and graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a degree in philosophy.

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Russia–Ukraine: When the Facts Change

and Meghan Shue |
Wilmington Wire
Terrain crack - Ukraine/Russia

March 4, 2022— The horrors unfolding in Ukraine are deeply upsetting on every level. As investors, it is our job to separate emotions from facts that alter our 9–12-month view of the economy and financial markets. The situation in Ukraine has deteriorated at a rapid pace in the past two weeks, challenging some of our earlier assumptions and raising the risk of a more substantial impairment to economic growth in Europe.


China—Is the World’s Second-Largest Economy a Policy Wild Card?

Tony Roth |
Capital Considerations with Tony Roth

March 2—It was hardly a coincidence that Russia’s President Putin waited until after the Beijing Olympics to invade Ukraine—a move that was clearly a courtesy to China’s President Xi Jinping. Under his leadership, the Chinese Communist Party exerts nearly unfettered control and instant ability to implement, leaving markets to simultaneously understand what’s happened and anticipate what’s next.


The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

and Tony Roth |
Wilmington Wire
Flag of Russia and Ukraine painted on a concrete wall. Relationship between Ukraine and Russia

February 25, 2022—The Russian invasion of Ukraine this week put an end to months of speculation and brought the crisis to a new phase. As we wrote earlier this week, our investment committee elected to maintain our portfolio positioning. We believe the critical considerations for investors is whether the Russia-Ukraine conflict derails the otherwise optimistic global economic outlook by way of high energy prices (which could sap spending power) or by way of inflation.


The Russia–Ukraine Conflict and Portfolios: Holding the Line

Wilmington Wire
Flag of Russia and Ukraine painted on a concrete wall. Relationship between Ukraine and Russia

February 23, 2022—The rapidly escalating Russia–Ukraine conflict has dominated the news flow and financial market action over the past few weeks. The S&P 500 on Tuesday hit a new low for the year, correcting -10.25% since January 3. Wilmington Trust’s Investment Committee has been in constant communication and meeting with increased frequency. As of Tuesday, February 22, we are maintaining our current portfolio positioning and continuing to closely monitor the evolving situation.