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Victoria W. Peaper

Managing Director and Senior Fiduciary Advisor

Victoria is responsible for managing a team of fiduciary advisors in Florida’s four wealth management offices, in addition to overseeing the administration of significant and complex personal trust relationships. Victoria and her team work closely with Wilmington Trust’s investment, legal, and tax professionals to ensure complete coordination of services for their clients.

Victoria joined Wilmington Trust in 2006 with over two decades of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Wilmington Trust, she served as executive vice president and chief operating officer for Brown Brothers Harriman Trust Company of Florida, and was a vice president with First National Bank in Palm Beach earlier in her career.

Victoria holds a Doctor of Juris prudence from the Indiana University School of Law and a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University.

Victoria serves on the Executive Board of STOP! Children’s Cancer and the Professional Endowment Committee for the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults. Victoria is also a member of the Professional Advisors Council for the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin County.

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Why Consider Florida?

Victoria W. Peaper |
Wealth Planning

The Sunshine State offers a host of financial and tax benefits.  Florida residents likely enjoy significantly reduced tax obligations compared to many other states. Florida does not impose a personal income tax, an inheritance tax, a gift tax, or an intangible personal property tax. The more ties you have to Florida, the more likely your