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The Collective Investment Trust: An Important Piece in the Retirement-Planning Puzzle

Robert Barnett |
Corporate & Institutional
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What are some of the benefits of a collective investment trust (CIT) for advisors, consultants, and plan sponsors? Download White Paper Learn more about the many advantages of considering CITs as investment vehicles in defined benefit and defined contribution plans, including myths surrounding CITs and the benefits for advisors, consultants, and plan sponsors.


Sharing Our Survey Insights: A Belief in Staying the Course

Wilmington Trust |
Wealth Planning
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Survey findings about the pandemic and concerns for the future.As world events rapidly unfold, shifting the health and economic landscapes, we wanted to understand how people’s responses to the new stresses of COVID-19 have varied by age and geography. Our parent company, M&T Bank, recently sponsored a survey that began gathering information on March 24, 2020. (Participants were unaware of the sponsor’s identity.