An update on the Catholic foundation marketplace.

  • In 2016, we released one of the first studies on religious-based fundraising foundations, The Advancement of Religious-Based Fundraising Foundations in the United States.
  • We examined religious giving and focused on the use of stand-alone fundraising foundations, focusing on Catholic diocese or community foundations. 
  • This updated research report shows that Catholic foundations have become a national trend and continue to advance at a fast pace in the United States.

Based on our updated research of 181 Catholic dioceses, we found that Catholic foundations continue to advance and have become a very dynamic sector of philanthropy. Our current research shows that there are approximately 181 (earlier study 143) foundations and that 81% of the 181 dioceses utilize separate foundations. Since 2011, 41 new Catholic foundations have been formed and new foundations are being planned. We also observe that there are different types of Catholic foundation models, such as community foundations, educational foundations, healthcare foundations, and flow-throughs. In our earlier study, we noted that only 62% of the foundations provide any financial disclosure to the marketplace; this is changing as a greater number of foundations are now providing financials and annual reports on their websites.

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