This article reprint from Infrastructure Investor explores how lender appetite for U.S. Infrastructure is evolving. 

  • A lot of capital continues to come into the U.S. market, with a huge focus on energy and infrastructure assets. 
  • We are also seeing U.S. developers and finance companies looking across the border into Canada, and Latin America, in the hunt for yield.
  • It certainly seems that from both a lender and institutional investor perspective, there are more new names coming in than are going out. The space is demonstrably growing.

As direct investment becomes more common, agency services providers are more important than ever.

Wilmington Trust’s Will Marder, head of project finance, explains how the proliferation of the institutional market, and this cross-border trend, impacts the agency services role.

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This article reprint was published in the March 2020 issue of Infrastructure Investor.

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