The role of renewables continues to grow in the new decade.

  • The power sector, especially renewables, continues to dominate North American infrastructure.
  • Additional research into environmental impact has put a temporary halt on many offshore wind projects.
  • Corporates are directly entering into power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable energy providers be­cause they find that it is cheaper than buying through a utility.

The power sector, and especially renewa­bles, continues to dominate North Amer­ican infrastructure; with wind and solar undoubtedly leading the charge. Solar, 5G, and data centers play a considerable role in the growth trajectory of project finance deals. 

In this article reprint, Wilmington Trust’s Will Marder, head of project finance, discusses how sources of renewable energy continue to provide infrastructure opportunities.

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This article reprint was published in the December 2020 issue of Infrastructure Investor.

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