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U.S. Contraction Likely, but Don’t Panic

Meghan Shue |
Wilmington Wire
Coronavirus economic impact

March 10, 2020—The stock market and economic outlooks are changing rapidly. Over the past few days we have witnessed several developments that led us to downgrade our outlook for the economy and markets and moved a 2020 recession into our base case. However, with hysteria evident everywhere from the floor of the NY Stock Exchange to the toilet paper aisle of Costco, we would encourage clients not to panic.


Capital Perspectives March 2020

Tony Roth |
Investment Management

In the March issue of our monthly flagship publication, we feature:On the Record by Chief Investment Officer Tony Roth, where he continues his discussion on the global impacts of the coronavirus and how the economy and markets may—or may not—respond.In Focus shares a conversation with Tony Roth and Dr. Amesh Adalja, a Fellow with the Infectious Disease Society of America, regarding the coronavirus.Investment positioning and hedge funds asset class overview.