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Episode 12: Preparing Your Family Business for the Next Crisis

Marguerite C. Weese |
Emerald GEMs

July 21—The unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic created much disruption for families and businesses alike. Now is the time to ask: What can I do to better prepare my family and our business for the next potential crisis? National Director of Family Legacy Planning Marguerite Weese discusses the importance of taking the time to equip your family with the tools they need to weather the next storm.


Episode 14: China—#2 Economy with a Bullet

Tony Roth |
Wilmington WealthWise with Tony Roth

July 20—This is the first of two episodes where we shine the spotlight on China, which is front and center on the world stage. Tony and Dr. Stephen Roach, a Senior Fellow at Yale University’s Jackson School of Global Affairs, discusses China’s ascendancy over the last four decades and the pressures this uber-economic power faces to sustain and even exceed its high growth rate.Dr.