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Capital Perspectives July/August 2018

Tony Roth |
Investment Management

In the July/August issue of our monthly flagship publication, we feature:

On the Record by Chief Investment Officer Tony Roth, Don’t Climb a Wall of Worry.
In Focus provides a look at the flattening yield curve—what it’s telling us now and whether it is likely to be the usual precursor of recession.
Investment positioning and asset class positioning updates.

There is rarely, if ever, a time when investors are not faced with a slew of concerns that keeps them up at night.


Bonds, Investing, and Rising Interest Rates

Dominick J. D’Eramo, CFA |
Investment Management
Fixed Income NC2.jpg

Learn about investing in bonds in a rising interest rate environment. Interest rates and the prices of bonds have an inverse relationship, meaning when interest rates rise, bond prices will decline.There is no single profile of a rising rate environment, as small incremental increases over an extended period of time will more easily allow the markets to adjust, while larger increases over a shorter time period could prove more disruptive.


Goals-Based Investing: Prioritizing What Matters Most

Eric W. Taylor |
Investment Management
Goal Based 3.jpg

In this investment insight, we explore:How investing has evolved in recent years.The need to prioritize among essential, fundamental, and supplemental goals.How assigning “success probability targets” helps further goal achievement.The inception of modern portfolio theory (MPT) devised in the 1950s by Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz, revolutionized investment management.