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Aircraft Leasing: Is it Right for your Company?

The Wilmington Trust Equipment Finance Team |
Corporate & Institutional

Discover the pros and cons of purchasing and leasing aircraft. Some companies may be subject to requirements prohibiting aircraft ownership due to shareholder or insurance liability concerns.A lease arrangement may be more flexible than purchase of an aircraft.An experienced professional can customize provisions and options in your aircraft lease to meet the specific business, tax, and accounting requirements of your company.


Keys to Creating an Effective Trust

Wealth Planning

The language of a trust agreement must be carefully crafted to balance your wishes with the powers of the trustee and the needs of beneficiaries.Trusts can be extremely effective estate planning tools for minimizing taxes and ensuring your beneficiaries are cared for according to your wishes.Choosing the provisions for distributions is a balancing act, with tax consequences on one side of the scale and the wishes of the grantor on the other.