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Single-Stock Diversification Strategies

Investment Management

Learn how to limit risk and save taxes when diversifying a concentrated stock position.A portfolio that is top-heavy in one security poses tremendous downside risk, so it’s critical to employ diversification strategies.These strategies can help an investor hedge, monetize, and diversify out of a concentrated equity position while deferring capital gains tax.


Passing on Wealth and Values with Irrevocable Trusts

Wilmington Trust |
Wealth Planning

After a lifetime of accomplishment, wealthy individuals often want their legacies to reflect not only what they did, but who they were.An irrevocable trust is an important financial planning tool for minimizing estate taxes.It also offers a unique ability to transfer to succeeding generations the values that guided the trust’s creator.Passing on personal values through irrevocable trusts may also involve a family’s philanthropic goals.