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Preserving and Protecting Business Capital

Fred Hopkins |
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Learn about the benefits of a buy sell agreement.

A buy sell agreement is an invaluable tool to help preserve a business’ long-term viability.
It helps to ensure that each departing owner receives a fair price for his interest, and establishes a funding source for the purchase of each departing owner’s interest.
The agreement should be treated as a “living document” that will evolve as a business moves through its life cycle, and the owners’ personal circumstances change.


Choosing the Right Corporate Trustee

Corporate & Institutional

What attributes are most important for a trustee in today’s complex capital markets?

In today’s environment marked by greater scrutiny and the need for quick, accurate, and transparent execution, selecting the right trustee is critical.
Choosing a trustee requires considerable thought and a clearly defined understanding of your organization’s objectives for a given transaction.

Today’s capital markets are more complex and interconnected than ever before.


Keys to Finding a Long-term Indenture Trustee

The Wilmington Trust Equipment Finance Team |
Corporate & Institutional

With ongoing consolidation in the financial services industry, finding an indenture trustee that can meet your changing needs is essential.

In order to avoid M&A-related disruptions, issuers and their advisors should investigate whether a corporate trust department or its parent company is likely to be acquired by another financial services institution.