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August 2022 Monthly Tip: 5 Tips to Offer Divorced Parents Before Their Kids Enter College

Jerry Inglet, Ed.D, CFT-I™ |
Divorce Monthly Tips

Our Monthly Tip, as featured in Family Lawyer Magazine:Starting college is an exciting time for parents and children alike, but there are many details to consider – especially for children of divorce.When entering college as a freshman, the logistics and corresponding emotions attached to decisions can be overwhelming—not only for the student but the family at large.


Recession or No Recession? Depends on your Definition

Rhea Thomas and Luke Tilley |
Wilmington Wire
Business arrow increase of success graph and growth stock market earnings financial on profit income background with diagram chart investment.

July 26, 2022—It’s hard to avoid the “R” word these days. The question of whether the economy is headed toward a recession has been front and center, almost superseding concerns about inflation. During our May webinar “Growth Scare or Recession?”, we explained our reasoning for the U.S. to avoid the latter, but since that time the risks have risen noticeably.