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Emerging Markets Strength Amid China Anti-Trust Concerns

Clement K. Miller, CFA |
Wilmington Wire
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March 26, 2021—We are currently overweight emerging markets equities—including Chinese equities. Four pillars support our position. First is our view that the vaccines have prompted a cyclical rally that is, in general, constructive for global equities. Second, we believe emerging markets will see faster economic growth than developed markets. Third, the Asia ex-Japan region, including China, has so far successfully managed the COVID-19 crisis, in our opinion.


Why You May Need a Family Business Employment Policy

Marguerite C. Weese |
Emerald GEMs

March 23, 2021—If your business employs family members, or if you are thinking about hiring relatives for the first time, consider the benefits of a family business employment policy. Not only can a well-thought-out policy lead to greater family harmony, but it can set up your employees—and your business—for greater success as well.