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Hong Kong – Protests, Disruptions, and Investment Implications

Clement K. Miller |
Wilmington Wire

August 7, 2019—For over two months, residents of Hong Kong, a chief global financial hub, have been engaged in disruptive strikes and protests, including violent clashes with police. The latest disruptions occurred on Monday, August 6. Here, we explain the nature of the protests and discuss investment implications.


3 Portfolio Risks That Could Be Hazardous to Your Wealth

William “Tad” Law, CFA, CFP® |
Investment Management
Portfolio Risk NC.jpg

In this article, we:Delineate three common portfolio risks.Explore how the risks of losing, outlasting, or diluting the purchasing power of your money could threaten portfolio values, asset sustainability, and the ability to fund goals and meet expenses.Describe analytical software with sophisticated capabilities that is designed to manage and mitigate these risks.


Warn Clients About Change in Taxation of Trust Income After Divorce

Sharon L. Klein |
Wealth Planning

This article reprint was recently published in the July issue of Trusts & Estates magazine.The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the Tax Act) altered the way that income from certain trusts is taxed in the event of a divorce.Practitioners should carefully consider the tax impact of every trust created during a marriage in the event the parties get divorced in the future.