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Creative Trust Planning for Real Estate Investors and Developers

Donald P. DiCarlo Jr. |
Tax Reform
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Implement tax-advantaged trust strategies post tax reform. Tax reform has created major changes and opportunities for high-net-worth taxpayers, particularly those who are real estate investors and developers. The creation of section 199A brings a new, advantageous deduction to those in the real estate business. From a strategic planning perspective, real estate investors, owners, and developers


China: Are Investment Risks Accelerating?

Clement K. Miller |
Wilmington Wire

June 29, 2018—During 2Q 2018, it appears that China equity and currency risks have risen against the background of a somewhat softer local economy. A Chinese state think tank caused a stir by briefly posting online a report warning policymakers that they should take actions to preclude a “financial panic.” The facts are as follows: The


Rising Capex and its Relationship with Productivity: Just a matter of time?

Rhea Thomas |
Wilmington Wire
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June 28, 2018—One of the much-heralded benefits of tax reform enacted at the end of last year was the expectation of a boost to GDP due to strong incentives for companies to increase capital expenditures, or “capex.” With companies now having had nearly six months to digest the tax reform package, economists and markets have