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Episode 14: China—#2 Economy with a Bullet

Tony Roth |
Wilmington WealthWise with Tony Roth

July 20—This is the first of two episodes where we shine the spotlight on China, which is front and center on the world stage. Tony and Dr. Stephen Roach, a Senior Fellow at Yale University’s Jackson School of Global Affairs, discusses China’s ascendancy over the last four decades and the pressures this uber-economic power faces to sustain and even exceed its high growth rate.Dr.


Now is the Time to Reduce California Income Tax Through Trusts

Richard W. Nenno |
Wealth Planning

Now that 2020 has passed the half-way point and is careening toward 2021, our clients are asking how to lock in today’s lofty federal gift-tax, estate-tax, and GST exemptions (currently $11.58 million), knowing that those exemptions are already scheduled to shrink to $5 million, adjusted for inflation, in 2026 and that they may well plummet to those or even lower levels as soon as early next year if November’s elections bring regime-change in Washington.


Don’t Let the Next Crisis Jeopardize Your Family Business

Marguerite C. Weese |
Wealth Planning

Being prepared for whatever comes your way is the best way to protect what you’ve builtNo matter what role you play in owning and running your business—the entrepreneur, the CEO of an established business, or somewhere in between—you may often be so focused on building and growing the business that you’ve forgotten that your most important role is to protect what you’ve already built.