Learn how to protect yourself and your business from email and wire fraud scams.

  • Business impersonation scams are a large and growing risk for high-net-worth individuals, closely held business owners, and institutions.
  • Scams have claimed victims in all 50 states and more than 100 countries.
  • Learn seven steps that can help you protect yourself and your business from impersonation fraud.

One afternoon, the Comptroller at a mid-sized company got an email that appeared to be from the CEO, instructing him to wire $400,000 to an attorney the CEO was working with to acquire an overseas company. After several email exchanges, the Comptroller initiated the wire transfer. A few days later, the CEO noticed the transfer and asked the Comptroller about it. The CEO had never authorized the transfer. Instead the CEO’s email account had been hacked by a fraud ring, who then engaged in a crime called “executive impersonation fraud.” The money was never recovered.

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