How to Build Credit After Divorce

Anne Kelligrew St.Clair, CIMA |
Wealth Planning

Build credit and gain the confidence and direction you need to succeed in your new life. Realizing your credit record and score isn’t quite what it was when you were one-half of a married couple can be very distressing.Even if you received a lump sum settlement, you may still need to show prospective lenders that you are a reliable borrower.There are simple ways on how to build credit after divorce and keep from making the kind of missteps that can be hazardous to your wealth.


Unlock Liquidity Solutions on Demand

Wealth Planning
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Securities-based lending can help you tap into the value of your investments.Like investing, leveraged borrowing is another means of managing wealth that permits you to flex your lending muscle in order to fund a wide variety of personal or business needs.The liquidity accessed through securities-based lending can be used for a host of needs, ranging from asset purchases to wealth planning to tax payments.


Catholic Foundations Continue to Advance in the United States

Walter J. Dillingham Jr., CFA |
Corporate & Institutional

An update on the Catholic foundation marketplace.In 2016, we released one of the first studies on religious-based fundraising foundations, The Advancement of Religious-Based Fundraising Foundations in the United States.We examined religious giving and focused on the use of stand-alone fundraising foundations, focusing on Catholic diocese or community foundations.