Lessons Learned from the Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce

Sharon L. Klein |
Wealth Planning
Two broken golden wedding rings divorce decree document.

Sharon Klein shares her insights in this article originally published on June 8, 2021, in Divorce Law magazine.When billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce after 27 years of marriage, a media frenzy ensued over news, including how their stunning level of wealth would be divided.Although the complications of divorce are magnified with the breakup of this power couple, their divorce underscores many important lessons that couples generally are well-advised to heed.


Navigating Complex Debt Restructurings

Corporate & Institutional

The world of broadly syndicated lending faces unique challenges in periods of distress. These challenges can arise when corporate borrowers face liquidity issues affecting their ability to meet the provisions of loan agreements or make payments. They can also emerge more systemically in the case of macroeconomic turbulence that affects spending or credit markets.While COVID-19 may have seemed a harbinger of distress, we found that other less intuitive trends took hold in loan markets.


Capital Perspectives June 2021

Tony Roth |
Investment Management
Capital Perspectives

In the June issue of our monthly flagship publication, we feature:On the Record by Chief Investment Officer Tony Roth, where he answers important questions relating to the strength and the length of the U.S. economic bounce as well as the anticipated global upswing and the team’s rationale for a portfolio positioning shift within equities.