The Flexibility and Freedom of a Delaware Directed Trust

Jeffrey C. Wolken |
Wealth Planning

Estate planning for high-net-worth families frequently requires the use of trusts. But relinquishing investment decisions to a trustee is not a comfortable or practical choice for some families. Fortunately, Delaware trust law provides a potential solution to this problem through directed trusts.Today, many high-net-worth families find that their wealth is concentrated in a particular investment or sector.


Do You Need a Corporate Executor?

Wealth Planning

You have put it off long enough and finally made the decision to sit down with your attorney and establish a will. You have probably given a lot of thought as to who will get what and how to best provide for your survivors. One of the questions you will be asked is, “who do you want to serve as the executor of your estate?” Off of the top of your head, you may say, “my spouse, or maybe my oldest child. They’re both intelligent, well-educated, and have a grasp of my finances.


Is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Right for You?

Marguerite C. Weese |
My Business

Once you have decided to go into business with someone (or several people), the next decision you must make is how to structure your new company. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) may offer you some benefits. LLCs are widely accepted as a means of structuring a business.What is an LLC?Is an LLC a partnership? Yes and no. The LLC is formed when the owners, or members of the company, enter into an Operating Agreement.