Webinar: What Will Technology’s Role be Post COVID?

Tony Roth and Andrew H. Hopkins, CFA |
Investment Management

On Tuesday, December 15, Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories Dr. Poppy Crum joined Chief Investment Officer Tony Roth and Head of Equity Research Andrew Hopkins, CFA, to discuss technology’s role post COVID. Watch as they delve into the implications for the human experience and your portfolio.Please see important disclosures at the end of the webinar.


Episode 25: Capital Markets Forecast 2021 Inflation Dynamics

Luke Tilley and Tony Roth |
Capital Considerations with Tony Roth

November 30—How has the pandemic impacted inflation rates and our inflation forecast as we inch closer to a post-COVID environment? Tony is joined by Wilmington Trust Investment Advisors Chief Economist Luke Tilley for a discussion about the importance of inflation as an economic and market indicator.Please listen to important disclosures at the end of the podcast.Paragon is a portfolio analysis, risk assessment, and goal optimization tool.


Episode 24: Capital Markets Forecast 2021 Who Will Be Left Standing: The Outlook for Retail

Tony Roth |
Capital Considerations with Tony Roth

The pandemic has forever changed the face of business and industry in America. Listen to our special podcast series to hear how three hard-hit areas are evolving as a result.Are brick-and-mortar stores crumbling for good? Tony talks with Mark Mathews, Vice President of Research Development & Industry Analysis, National Retail Federation, on the future of the retail industry.