When Family Business Owners Get Divorced

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Navigating the emotional and financial challenges of a divorce can be daunting enough. But when a family business is part of the divorce proceedings, there are additional decisions to be made to determine the future of the business and the equitable distribution of its assets.If only one spouse is involved in the family business and will continue to operate it as such, then an appraisal of the business will be needed to determine its value for purposes of buying out the non-operating spouse.


Planning for Higher Education in Divorce

Jerry Inglet, Ed.D, CFT-I™ |
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Agreement prepared by lawyer signing decree of divorce (dissolution or cancellation) of marriage, husband and wife during divorce process with male lawyer or counselor and signing of divorce contract.

Nearly half of all U.S. marriages—and more than half of all second marriages—end in divorce. There are many complexities that result from these breakups, particularly when children are involved. Decisions around the funding of college and completing financial aid forms properly can create many challenges for a divorced family. And unfortunately, high-net-worth families are not immune from these concerns.


How to Build Credit After Divorce

Anne Kelligrew St.Clair, CIMA |
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Build credit and gain the confidence and direction you need to succeed in your new life. Realizing your credit record and score isn’t quite what it was when you were one-half of a married couple can be very distressing.Even if you received a lump sum settlement, you may still need to show prospective lenders that you are a reliable borrower.There are simple ways on how to build credit after divorce and keep from making the kind of missteps that can be hazardous to your wealth.