Video: Key Factors to Consider When Establishing a Family Office

Brian Oard |
Wealth Planning

The establishment of a family office is an excellent way for an affluent family to manage their wealth and transfer it from one generation to the next. Wilmington Trust’s Brian Oard and Alvina Lo sat down with industry experts at the 2018 Hawaii Tax Institute Conference to discuss the factors to consider when establishing a family office.

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Intentional Inheritance Planning

Marguerite Weese |
Wealth Planning

Learn three best practices to help families overcome fears of demotivation.Many wealth holders fear that the anticipation of inherited wealth will demotivate or disempower family members.The idea of discussing wealth transfer and inheritance issues can be daunting, but the rewards can prove significant when family members work together to improve communication and strengthen trust.


Communication is Key in Multigenerational Estate Planning

Mark Oller |
Wealth Planning

In order to get your estate planning underway, you need to understand the full breadth of your estate—present and future.How your parents structure their estate plan, including the use of trusts, gifts, IRAs, insurance, pensions, and Wills, can have a significant effect on how you should set up yours.It’s important to take a diplomatic approach when asking parents about what you can expect to inherit.