Fallen Angel Risk Shifts Back into Focus

Evan Kurinsky |
Wilmington Wire

April 2, 2020—In our 2019 Capital Markets Forecast we highlighted myriad risks posed by the increasing amount and deteriorating quality of BBB-rated debt, which sits in the lowest tier of the investment-grade corporate bond market and just one notch above high yield. A decade of low interest rates, thanks to an accommodative Federal Reserve, incentivized companies to increase their level of borrowing, helping the BBB universe grow by more than 300% since 2009[1].


Municipal Bond Opportunities Still in Play

Dan Scholl |
Wilmington Wire

March 17, 2020 —Financial markets have experienced extreme turmoil, with the damage not limited to the equity or taxable bond market. Typically viewed as a safe haven during times of stock market duress, munis have also experienced extreme levels of volatility that surpass 2008 crisis levels and are approaching October 1987 values.


Bonds, Investing, and Rising Interest Rates

Dominick J. D’Eramo, CFA |
Investment Management
Fixed Income NC2.jpg

Learn about investing in bonds in a rising interest rate environment. Interest rates and the prices of bonds have an inverse relationship, meaning when interest rates rise, bond prices will decline.There is no single profile of a rising rate environment, as small incremental increases over an extended period of time will more easily allow the markets to adjust, while larger increases over a shorter time period could prove more disruptive.