Top Tips for Leveraging Life Insurance in Premarital Planning and Settlement Agreements

Sharon L. Klein |
Wealth Planning

President of Family Wealth for Wilmington Trust’s Eastern U.S. Region, Sharon Klein, and Lee Rosenberg of Saltzman Chetkof & Rosenberg LLP discuss top tips for leveraging life insurance in premarital planning & settlement agreements with Dan Couvrette, CEO of Family Lawyer Magazine.Please visit our Matrimonial and Divorce Advisory Solutions resource page for more timely divorce planning content.


Protecting Your Executive Income in the Event of a Disability

Wealth Planning

 As a corporate executive, you have the prospect of earning a significant amount of money during your working career through what is likely a robust executive compensation program. This amount of future earnings can be negatively impacted if you become disabled through illness or injury. It’s important to examine the type of disability benefits you have as an executive and confirm that your income is adequately protected.


Life Insurance May Provide Stability in an Uncertain Environment

Jessica F. Male |
Emerald GEMs

September 15, 2020—These days, with so much uncertainty due to the pandemic, it may help to focus on something you can control, like your estate plan. When most people hear “estate plan,” they think of their will. They don’t necessarily think about life insurance within the context of their overall estate plan. Learn five ways life insurance can play a role in estate planning, and maybe bring a bit more stability into an uncertain environment.