Emerald GEM 18: The Importance of Asset Location for Greater Tax Efficiency

Michael McIntyre, CFA |
Emerald GEMs

September 1, 2020—Where and how you save your money can play a large role in your after-tax return as well as the after-tax paycheck you may need in retirement. A good question to ask yourself is: How can I help improve the tax efficiency of my investments? Director of Investment Planning and Portfolio Implementation Michael McIntyre discusses the importance of asset location in addition to asset allocation.


Episode 11:
Back to the Future—
A Conversation with Abby Joseph Cohen,
the Prophet of Wall Street

Tony Roth |
Wilmington WealthWise with Tony Roth

June 17—In this episode, Chief Investment Officer Tony Roth welcomes Abby Joseph Cohen, advisory director and senior investment strategist at Goldman Sachs. Known as the “prophet of Wall Street,” Abby has been named one of Barron’s 100 Most Influential Women in U.S. Finance for 2020. Abby discusses with Tony the critical and evolving issues around health policy, consumer behavior, markets, and global relations in this unprecedented pandemic era.


Goals-Based Investing: Prioritizing What Matters Most

Eric W. Taylor |
Investment Management
Goal Based 3.jpg

In this investment insight, we explore:How investing has evolved in recent years.The need to prioritize among essential, fundamental, and supplemental goals.How assigning “success probability targets” helps further goal achievement.The inception of modern portfolio theory (MPT) devised in the 1950s by Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz, revolutionized investment management.