Webinar: Diagnosing the Disconnect: A COVID-19 Economic and Market Update

Tony Roth |
Investment Management

July 30—What do the Fed, fiscal stimulus, vaccines, and the election mean for the economy and your investments going forward?Chief Investment Officer Tony Roth, Chief Economist Luke Tilley and Head of Investment Strategy Meghan Shue analyze the key drivers behind the market’s recent run.

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Moderator: At this time, let’s begin today’s webinar, Diagnosing the Disconnect: A COVID-19 Economic and Market Update.


Episode 16: Taking Stock of the Market

Tony Roth |
Wilmington WealthWise with Tony Roth

August 3, 2020—Never could we have predicted in January that 2020 would be unprecedented in so many ways. We face a continuing pandemic, domestic unrest, and an economy that has yet to fully reopen. As we move deeper into the summer and try to understand what the “next normal” will be, it’s time to test any previous assumptions, and pivot in the face of unparalleled change. Learn the strategies we’re considering for portfolio success.


Building Resilient Portfolios

Meghan Shue |
Wilmington Wire

July 24, 2020—As the global COVID-19 crisis continues into the second half of the year, we have learned quite a bit about the virus, but many questions remain around the path forward for the global economy and financial markets. We have adjusted portfolios over recent months to better position clients for a challenging road ahead.