The Value of Diversity and Inclusion

Steve Norcini and Samantha Sedar |
Wilmington Wire

June 9, 2021—M&T/Wilmington Trust has a proud history of valuing diversity and being active supporters of the LGBTQ community. However, sustainable investing is distinct from our organization’s philanthropic efforts as we are not looking to give up returns in exchange for supporting causes that align with our values. Rather, we see diversity (in all its forms) as a material financial factor for analysis.


Capital Perspectives June 2021

Tony Roth |
Investment Management
Capital Perspectives

The domestic COVID vaccine ramp is resulting in a quick drop in case counts. With this improvement in the public health situation at home and, to a lesser extent, abroad, restrictions on activities and travel are receding rapidly. We must answer the critical questions of how strong will the economic bounce be, how long will it last, and will inflation materially shorten this new economic cycle.