How to Potentially Avoid Probate

Kerry Reeves |
Emerald GEMs

September 13, 2022—Most people prefer to avoid probate because it could be a lengthy court process of transferring a decedent’s estate to his or her beneficiaries. Not only does the process have the potential to take a very long time, it may also be expensive. And once your will is deposited in probate court, your private affairs may become a matter of public record.


Year-End Estate and Tax Planning 2021

Allison K. Pierce and |
Wealth Planning

First and foremost, wealth planning is a process. It can include routine tasks to maintain or improve upon a strong financial position, which are generally rules of thumb that tend to apply regardless of your current situation. However, there are also situational strategies that you may consider given our current environment of potentially changing taxes, legislation, markets, the economy, and more.


New York’s Latest Legislative Session: What Passed, What Didn’t, What’s Next

Sharon L. Klein |
Wealth Planning

 This article was published in the September 21 New York Law Journal Special Trusts & Estates section and provides a comprehensive review of trusts & estates-related legislative activity, specifically in New York, but the proposals often frame issues with which state legislatures across the country are now grappling.