Russia–Ukraine: When the Facts Change

and Meghan Shue |
Wilmington Wire
Terrain crack - Ukraine/Russia

March 4, 2022— The horrors unfolding in Ukraine are deeply upsetting on every level. As investors, it is our job to separate emotions from facts that alter our 9–12-month view of the economy and financial markets. The situation in Ukraine has deteriorated at a rapid pace in the past two weeks, challenging some of our earlier assumptions and raising the risk of a more substantial impairment to economic growth in Europe.



Luke Tilley and Rhea Thomas |
Investment Management
Dollar currency growth concept with upward arrows on charts and coins background.

May 13, 2022Topics shared in this publication are:U.S. inflation is at the highest in four decades due to COVID-19 induced spending on goods, supply chain issues, fiscal stimulus from the government and very accommodative monetary policy from the Federal Reserve.We expect a deceleration in inflation in 2022, due to several factors. They include reduced consumer savings, low consumer sentiment, slower demand for housing as a result of declining affordabilty, as well as softening wage pressures.