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Planning for Fine Art as an Asset of Your Estate

Shelly J. Kunkel |
Emerald GEMs

Sept. 7, 2021—Whether you acquire a work of art for its aesthetic qualities or for investment purposes, holding fine art in your estate presents both obligations and opportunities for the educated collector. In today’s podcast, Senior Estate and Trust Managing Director Shelly Kunkel discusses three important to-dos regarding your fine art: appraise, insure, and manage disposition (AIM).


Protecting Your Executive Income in the Event of a Disability

Wealth Planning

 As a corporate executive, you have the prospect of earning a significant amount of money during your working career through what is likely a robust executive compensation program. This amount of future earnings can be negatively impacted if you become disabled through illness or injury. It’s important to examine the type of disability benefits you have as an executive and confirm that your income is adequately protected.


Consider Using Leverage—or Borrowing Against Your Investments—While Interest Rates are Low

Rhonda A. Pirvulescu, CFP® |
Emerald GEMs

August 24, 2021—The combination of a rising stock market and low interest rates creates a unique opportunity to use leverage as part of your overall wealth plan. The rationale is you can borrow against your investments at a low rate and still have the opportunity to benefit from potential stock market appreciation.