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Making Your Charitable Estate Plan Great Again

Carol G. Kroch |
Tax Reform
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An overview of an important presentation at the 53rd Annual Heckerling Institute on tax saving strategies when making charitable gifts.As a result of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the estimated number of itemizers has dropped from 37 million to 16 million.This is largely due to the $10,000 cap on the state and local tax deduction and the increasedstandard deduction.


Estate of Evelyn Seiden: New York Strikes Back!

Sharon L. Klein |
Wealth Planning

This article reprint was recently published in Steve Leimberg’s Estate Planning Newsletter.A New York court has found that a QTIP Trust, created for New York purposes in 2010 when the estate was not subject to federal estate tax, was not includable in the estate of the surviving spouse for New York estate tax purposes. See a discussion of that case in Steve Leimberg’s Estate Planning Newsletter #2676.


A Strategic Approach to Buying a Yacht

Wealth Planning
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Customized financing and tax and ownership advice can help amplify the benefits of your purchase. When it comes to purchasing a luxury marine craft such as a yacht, it’s important to ensure that you understand all the implications that come with it before you dive in.Considerations such as ownership structure, taxes, insurance, and where to register your yacht are equally important.