Our Business Owners Outlook is a quarterly survey that explores business owners’ concerns and outlooks on themes that are most important to them.  

  • In this issue, The Power of the Pack, survey respondents shared their attitudes toward vital networking connections and opportunities.
  • Our survey revealed some stark differences between men and women business owners regarding access to peer groups and mentorship.
  • Both women and men perceive a lack of equality in business networking; only about half of those we surveyed—both women and men—felt that female and male entrepreneurs have equally strong support networks.

This edition of the Business Owners Outlook features a focus on women business owners and how their opinions and experiences may differ from, or mirror, those of their male counterparts. This is a topic of particular importance for Wilmington Trust and our clients, so we are honored to partner with and include insights in this report from the Committee of 200, a highly regarded women’s executive leadership organization.

One of the most important success factors for business owners of either gender is having access to strong peer groups, mentors, and other networking opportunities. Few people understand a business owner’s challenges and questions quite like another business owner. And when owners need advice, more experienced leaders can help them navigate the landscape. This is especially important today, when economic turmoil has many small business owners facing an almost unprecedented new reality. Networks are being utilized to share the latest news and information, best practices, and ideas as owners figure out how to pivot their business models and work virtually or within social distancing guidelines.

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