Important updates and insights for matrimonial advisors when helping a client face divorce.

  • Key estate planning-related considerations in pre-marital planning are explored, including portability, asset protection trusts, and silent trusts.
  • Learn how multi-disciplinary considerations can impact divorce planning when dealing with trust & estate, matrimonial, and religious law.
  • Other lifetime planning considerations are discussed, including estate plans, wills and trusts; beneficiary designations; decanting; use of leverage, and others.

With the increasing overlap among different professional disciplines, matrimonial advisors can benefit from being apprised of the latest developments in the divorce context that can potentially have a dramatic impact on their practice, including:

  • Critical estate planning considerations in marital agreements
  • Pre-marital planning options and other lifetime planning considerations
  • Documents that require review in light of a contemplated divorce
  • Powerful tools that can potentially change otherwise irrevocable trust terms and distributions in the divorce context
  • The significance of credit solutions in divorce
  • Important considerations regarding the use of life insurance
  • Issues surrounding stored genetic material in the event of death or divorce
  • Recent tax law changes in the divorce context

There is certainly much to be gained from having some cross-disciplinary fluency.

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