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The Fed’s Case for Rate Hikes Strengthens

Luke Tilley |
Wilmington Wire

February 16, 2017—Even with the new administration sucking up most of the oxygen in Washington D.C., there is plenty of attention still due to the Federal Reserve and the likelihood of more rate hikes this year. Investors are understandably focused on the pace of those possible rate hikes in 2017, which are now inextricably linked


European Elections in 2017: Will they Bring Unpleasant Surprises for Investors?

Clement K. Miller |
Wilmington Wire

February 15, 2017—During 2017, elections will be held in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and probably Italy. Popular support for alternative parties in these countries is rising. Most espouse nationalist and anti-immigrant sentiment. These parties also favor withdrawal from the European Union (EU). In the wake of Brexit, the departure of any one of these “core


The State of the States: 2016

Sharon Klein |
Wealth Planning

This article reprint was published in the January 2017 edition of Trusts & Estates magazine and provides a comprehensive overview of key state-level planning developments across the U.S. Estate and gift tax developments. Planning considerations for children conceived after the death of a genetic parent, with stored genetic material. Ownership, transfer, and disposition of digital assets. This article