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With Tax Overhaul, a Thornier Path to Divorce

Alvina H. Lo |
Wealth Planning
Alvina NYT Divorce Hero.jpg

In this recent New York Times reprint, Chief Wealth Strategist Alvina Lo shares her insights. With the rule on alimony and deductions changed, so must the strategy of couples parting ways.In particular, couples going through a divorce should re-examine their tax strategy, as well as their cash flow and spending needs.Wealthier families should consult with their tax advisors to fully understand the tax implications of the new law.


Will Markets Get Some “Summer Loving” From the Fed?

Rhea Thomas |
Wilmington Wire

June 6, 2019 – After closing out the month of May on a sour note due to sharply escalating U.S. trade tensions with both China and Mexico, the equity market rallied sharply on Tuesday in response to comments from Fed officials that were perceived as being more open to the possibility of rate cuts going forward. Chair Powell mentioned in a speech this week that the Fed would “act as appropriate to sustain the expansion,” while the St.