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Summertime and the Living is… Challenging? What We Can Expect

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The spray of the surf. The smell of barbeque. The crack of a baseball bat. The dazzling display of Fourth of July fireworks. For much of the nation, these are the sensory memories associated with summer. Or, at least that was the case before COVID-19 came along, after which most Americans were essentially given a “time out” and sent to their rooms.And now that cabin fever has essentially started to outstrip viral fevers, states are slowly reopening.


Our High Earnings Growth Tilt in International Stocks

Clement K. Miller, CFA |
Wilmington Wire

May 26, 2020—We design our client portfolios in two stages. The first stage is tactical asset allocation. For example, in equity asset classes, we allocate among U.S. large cap, U.S. small cap, developed international, and emerging markets. The second stage is the construction of portfolios within each asset class, comprising mixes of funds to achieve various objectives and tilts.


Hedged Equity Strategies-A Defensive Approach for Prudent Investors

Julian Freeman |
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May 26, 2020—Often times the best defense is a good offense. As we endure this period of heightened volatility and continue to monitor and evaluate emerging data that can provide clarity into the full impact of the COVID-19 crisis, it is essential for investors to understand how important it can be to stay invested. That is to say, how important it can be that investors continue to play offense, even if they do so through a more defensive approach.