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Xi Jinping Further Consolidates his Rule: Investment Implications

Wilmington Wire
Shanghai at night, China

November 22, 2021—Following the conclusion of the most recent Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee plenum on November 11, it now seems almost certain that Xi Jinping, currently 68 years old, will remain ruler for the rest of his life. Moreover, it seems that Xi will persist in pursuing his political and socio-economic policies, including the “common prosperity” business interventions he ordered in 2021.


Talking to Your Children About the Family Wealth

Libby Turner, CEPA™️ |
Emerald GEMs

Nov. 16, 2021—Wealthy parents often avoid talking with their children about the family wealth. Some may feel the subject is taboo, others may worry that knowledge of an inheritance will negatively affect their kids. However, it is important to have these conversations to prepare your children for the wealth they will inherit.


How to Effectively Plan Your Business Exit Strategy

Stuart A. Smith, III |
My Business
business exit strategy

Running a business throughout a pandemic hasn’t been easy. But many business owners remain skeptical about the economy even moving beyond the pandemic. In March 2020, 57% of business owners had confidence that they would achieve their business’ long-term financial objectives, but by February 2021, only 34% still had that confidence, according to Wilmington Trust research.