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Bradley R. Crockett, CFP®, CEPA™️

National Director, Advanced Financial Planning

As part of the Wilmington Trust and M&T Emerald Advisory Services® team, Brad is responsible for developing customized wealth management and financial plans for prominent individuals, families, and business owners throughout the country. He works closely with other professional and family advisors to analyze financial positions and develop plans to help clients achieve future personal and financial goals. Before joining Wilmington Trust, Brad was the Manager of Strategic Planning at Saint Agnes Hospital in Baltimore.

Brad holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Delaware. Currently, Brad is enrolled at the University of Alabama School of Law pursuing a Juris Master in Taxation. Additionally, Brad is a CFP® professional having earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor.

Brad serves on the Investment Committee for Outward Bound in Baltimore, and the Investment and Finance Committees for Irvine Nature Center. He is an active member of the Financial Planning Association and the Baltimore Estate Planning Council. In addition, Brad volunteers as a mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake.

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The Importance of Wealth Planning Before Selling Your Business

Bradley R. Crockett, CFP®, CEPA™️ |
Emerald GEMs

March 9, 2021—When you start to think about selling your business and retiring, it’s important for you to know what your company is worth. However, the current market value may be different from what you will need to maintain your desired lifestyle and meet your retirement goals over the long term. In today’s podcast, National Director of Advanced Financial Planning Brad Crockett explores the importance of personal financial planning before you sell your business.


Episode 6: Roth IRA Conversion for High Earners

Bradley R. Crockett, CFP®, CEPA™️ |
Emerald GEMs
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June 9—The global pandemic has created challenging economic times. What strategies can high earners with retirement investments that are currently undervalued, or who expect a low-income year, take advantage of? National Director of Advanced Financial Planning, Bradley Crockett, discusses how this may be an opportune time to convert assets from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA for long-term tax saving benefits.


Benefits of a Roth IRA Conversion for High Earners

Bradley R. Crockett, CFP®, CEPA™️ |
Wealth Planning
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The threat of higher tax rates in the future emphasizes the importance of a tax-free source of income. For this reason, a Roth IRA can be a very effective planning tool. By preserving the Roth IRA for as long as possible, you are providing the opportunity for maximum growth to an account that can be income-tax-free.Benefits of a Roth IRAThe benefit of a Roth IRA is that it is essentially an income-tax-free vehicle.