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Libby Turner, CEPA™️

Family Legacy Advisor
Wilmington Trust

As part of the Wilmington Trust Emerald Family Office & Advisory team, Libby creates and facilitates customized family workshops centered around wealth management and behavioral finance, to help engage participating family members and prepare them for their future roles in the family in order to better position them for success. These workshops are designed to assist families with communication, personal legacy planning, wealth transition, and financial education. The goal is for the family to leave the experience with a vision for what is possible for their family, including but not limited to a list of common values, a deeper understanding of one another, and most importantly, a path forward for what they hope to achieve together.

Libby has nine years of experience in the wealth management industry, and is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Michigan University

By the Author

Mentorship May Increase Next Gen Engagement in the Family Business

Libby Turner, CEPA™️ |
Emerald GEMs

October 6, 2020, GEM 23—Many successful family businesses use mentorship programs to engage younger generations and overcome some of the challenges associated with inter-generational succession. In addition, effective mentoring may help reinforce a shared vision and company values across generations. Family Legacy Coordinator Libby Turner discusses how effective mentoring can help pave the way for a successful business transition to the next generation.