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Mark Gerstenschlager

Vice President and Senior Investment Advisor

Mark is responsible for developing customized investment portfolios for his clients based on their unique parameters for risk, return, liquidity, and other factors. After taking the time to listen to his client’s objectives and to understand any tax, legal, and personal considerations, Mark then structures a diversified portfolio in keeping with the client’s asset allocation plan. Mark continually monitors and periodically rebalances his clients’ portfolios to reflect their evolving needs and to pursue new investment opportunities.

Mark has considerable tenure in the financial services industry, specializing in portfolio management and domestic and international fixed income trading. Prior to joining Wilmington Trust in 2001, he served as a Global Fixed Income trader with Brandywine Asset Management and also spent ten years with PNC Bank within their asset management, trust, and mutual fund departments.

Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance with a minor in Economics from West Virginia University. He is an elder of Westminster Presbyterian Church and contributes his time to Habitat For Humanity and the YMCA.

By the Author

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