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Meghan Shue

Group Vice President Head, Investment Strategy & Portfolio Construction

Meghan is responsible for helping manage the end-to-end asset allocation process, developing market research, and communicating the investment team’s market outlook and positioning to clients and prospective clients. She is a member of the Investment Committee, which is responsible for deriving the firm’s strategic and tactical asset allocation positioning.

Meghan also oversees the firm’s portfolio construction process, including implementation of asset class views through a variety of proprietary, non-proprietary, passive, active, and factor-based solutions. She is co-chair of the Portfolio Management Committee.

Prior to joining Wilmington Trust, Meghan was an investment strategist at Bessemer Trust, where she helped manage the asset allocation decision and implementation process, performed asset allocation and market research, and published pertinent thought leadership.

She holds an MBA with a concentration in finance from the University of Miami, where she was valedictorian of her graduating class. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, with a concentration in operations research and financial engineering, from Princeton University.

Meghan is a regular CNBC contributor, and is frequently quoted in financial media communicating the firm’s economic and market views.

By the Author

Fed hikes rates, but signals slower and more uncertain path of hikes for the future

Meghan Shue and Rhea Thomas |
Wilmington Wire

December 20, 2018 – The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) hiked the target Fed Funds rate as expected yesterday by 25 basis points from 2.25% to 2.50%.  The statement and press conference suggested that the outlook for the U.S. economy was one of decelerating but still solid growth, underscored by labor market tightness. However, it also highlighted, as we expected, that the Fed will likely have to slow its pace of hikes in 2019 and is more uncertain about the path of hikes going forward.


A Thankless Equity Market

Meghan Shue |
Wilmington Wire

November 21, 2018—We can’t help but appreciate the irony of the stock market’s recent activity heading into the Thanksgiving holiday. As we sit around the dinner table on Thursday, the stock market may not be on many people’s “things-to-be-thankful-for” list, at least based on the past few weeks. As of Tuesday, U.S. equity indices had erased their annual gains, after the S&P 500 was up as much as 10% for the year through September.


Oil Collapse Not a Repeat of 2014–2015

Meghan Shue |
Wilmington Wire

The price of oil (as measured by West Texas Intermediate crude) has fallen over 27% since its early-October highs, well into “bear market” territory. The decline was arrested on Wednesday, halting the longest stretch of daily declines for oil since the 1970s. Some investors are seeing flashbacks of oil’s most recent collapse, when it fell over 75% from mid-2014 to February of 2016, to a price of just $26/barrel.