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Tom Pierce, CFA

Head of Fixed Income Research and Strategy

As head of Fixed Income Research and Strategy, Tom is responsible for selecting fixed income manager solutions and investment vehicles. He is also the portfolio manager of the Multi-Strategy Income Solution (MSIS) as well as a voting member of the Investment Committee, which is responsible for deriving the firm’s strategic and tactical asset allocation positioning. Tom joined the firm in 1995 and has more than 30 years of investment industry experience encompassing multiple asset classes. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Washington University in St. Louis. Tom also earned the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

By the Author

Portfolio Rebalancing: A Powerful Tool in Volatile Markets

Tom Pierce, CFA and Meghan Shue |
Wilmington Wire
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March 20, 2020—Asset allocation is about balancing risk and reward. A disciplined investment approach encourages investors to trim asset classes that have outperformed the rest of the portfolio over some period and increase the allocation to asset classes that suffer temporary underperformance, a strategy known as portfolio rebalancing. This process serves two important purposes for investors. First, it can increase potential future returns by “buying low” (i.e.