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Wilmer C. Stith III

Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager

Wilmer co-manages the Wilmington Short Term Bond Fund, the Wilmington Broad Market Bond Fund, and the Wilmington Intermediate Term Bond Fund. He also manages institutional separate accounts with intermediate and long-term fixed-income objectives, as well as money market accounts.

Wilmer has over two decades of fixed income investment experience. Prior to joining M&T Bank in 1995, which acquired Wilmington Trust in 2011, Wilmer was an investment executive with the Treasury Banking Group of First National Bank of Maryland in Baltimore.

Wilmer holds a master’s degree from Loyola College in Maryland and an undergraduate degree from Kenyon College. He has been quoted in various financial periodicals including The Wall Street Journal and Barrons’ Magazine. Wilmer has also done several TV appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and the Fox Business Channel.

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Caveat Bond Investor

Wilmer C. Stith III |
Wilmington Wire

September 1, 2017— Under the staid surface of a low interest rate environment and a persistent tightening of credit premiums, much has changed in the composition of the U.S. bond market over the last 10 years. Investors need to take stock of these changes now before the next inevitable period of market turbulence catches them by surprise. Since the onset of the Great Recession, two major themes have taken place in the bond market with little notice or fanfare.