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Project Finance Proves Resilient

Will Marder |
Corporate & Institutional

Emerging from 2020 & looking forward to 2021.2020 saw a high volume of activity in the renewable energy sector, as well as a meaningful uptick in the number of private placements being done.Renewables can be expected to drive the project finance market again in 2021, especially with tax credits now extended. There remains a strong interest in investing that encompasses ESG principles (Environmental, Social and Governance).


Celebrating a Year of Partnership for Collective Investment Trusts

Robert Barnett |
Collective Investment Trusts

Over the last year, Wilmington Trust, in partnership with the Nasdaq Fund Network, has launched the first tickers for Collective Investment Trust (CITs).Leading the movement in transparency around CITs, teams representing Wilmington Trust and Nasdaq listened to client and industry feedback and shifted the perception around transparency. Today, we have over 350 tickers now listed on the Nasdaq Fund Networks.