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The Collective Investment Trust: An Important Piece in the Retirement-Planning Puzzle

Robert Barnett |
Collective Investment Trusts
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What are the advantages of CITs for advisors, consultants, and plan sponsors?May lower fees. By ensuring access to CITs, advisors can support plan sponsors and participants by maximizing every dollar the participant puts aside for retirement.A streamlined process.  By employing CITs as part of the solution, advisors can use their buying power to streamline their work with clients and a single manager for a strategy.Addressing potential fiduciary risk.


Renewables’ Starring Role in 2020

Will Marder |
Corporate & Institutional
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The role of renewables continues to grow in the new decade.The power sector, especially renewables, continues to dominate North American infrastructure.Additional research into environmental impact has put a temporary halt on many offshore wind projects.Corporates are directly entering into power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable energy providers be­cause they find that it is cheaper than buying through a utility.